"Jay is truly an extraordinary teacher. Most of all he makes dancing fun no matter what your level is beginner to trying to be no longer one I am convinced that there is nothing a couple can do that elevate a relationship like dancing at least the way Jay teaches it."

James Grossman

"We started with Jay in preparation for our daughter's wedding 5 years ago without any previous experience with ballroom dancing. And we continue to have fun and stay in motion 5 years later. Jay is a great instructor, it is always fun, and we continue to take lessons and go out with the group to dance."

Roy Wiener

"My wife and I signed up for a few lessons before our daughter got married- and have continued now for 2 years. Jay, who runs Rochester Dance Lessons, is not only a great dancer, but a very nice guy and superb teacher. He has made dancing, which I previously dreaded, something I look forward to doing. I highly recommend Rochester Dance Lessons both for the opportunity to learn to dance or dance better, and also to have fun."

Steve Smith

"Fran and I started taking dance lessons from Jay Ruest in 2008. We have continued ever since. Jay is a superb instructor - kind, supportive, disciplined, creative, persistent, and greatly helpful in every way. He started me off from the point of thinking that I couldn't dance all the way to where dance of all kinds is a joy to me and to my wife as well. He will try all kinds of things with you if you're willing to explore them, or he will take the slow, easy approach if that's what you prefer. Just want to dance with your spouse or special someone? That's fine. Want to dance in competitions and shows? That's great too. He offers group and couples lessons, and you can take both if you like. I trust him and his ideas, and he listens, and he responds with what we need. It would be difficult for me to ask for anything more."

Dana Paxson

"Dancing lessons with Jay are addictive! We planned a few month series and are still at it over 2 years later. Jay teaches with positive reinforcement and joy in what he does. We have a private lesson weekly and attend both weekly group classes unless we are out of town. We have started seeking out local opportunities to go dancing and flaunt our new steps."

Julia Smith

"I have taken many lessons at Rochester Dance Lessons. My wife and I went there several years ago after trying Arthur Murray Dance where I felt I wasn't learning much and paying too much at the same time. At Rochester Dance Lessons , for a better price, Jay Ruest teaches the male students how to lead properly and teaches the guy how to showcase his partner so she can look good. He makes dancing fun. My wife Holly and I still stop by Jay's studio for special events and take lessons as much as we can. Rochester Dance Lessons is a good time. We enjoy every lesson and have gone on 4 dance cruises with Jay and many of his other students. This gives us a chance to use what we've learned and get to know some great people. I recommend Rochester Dance Lessons to everybody. You don't know what you're missing. Check it out."

Eric Goar

"Jay Ruest is just the instructor for a reluctant guy. He is patient and encouraging. The group lessons are fun and, no matter the struggle to learn a step or dance, Jay Ruest makes every guy feel he is doing fine. Marianne looks forward to our individual lessons and the friendships we have made in our group lessons. She enjoys the occasional social events Jay plans, which encourages us to use our newly learned dance steps outside of the studio. We highly recommend him to anyone considering ballroom dance lessons."

Tom Walsh

"I have been taking both private and class lessons with Jay for about a year, following a year and half at another studio. Dancing has been a great love of mine since childhood, but I only discovered ballroom about three years ago, and I love it. I was first drawn to Jay's studio because he is a very good choreographer and is an excellent partner for showcases. This has proven to be a lot of fun. I have been impressed with watching Jay teach classes where there may be people who are not particularly talented at dance, but they learn very quickly with his clear instruction. It is surprising how far we progress with a dance in a typical six week class. Jay is good at building a family feeling with his students by arranging for an occasional night out for social dancing. Over the years I have seen how dancing keeps people young far beyond the time when one would not expect them to be dancing. What a wonderful way for a couple to grow older together."

Donna Gates

"No More Two Left Feet - My husband and I enrolled in a crash course at Rochester Dance Lessons prior to our sons's recent wedding. Terry always said he could not dance. I always wanted to learn to dance and was tired of sitting at weddings and watch other people dance and wish I was out on the dance floor. I was embarrassed and thought I had two left feet and would not be able to learn to dance. Jay is amazing. He makes learning to dance fun. We danced at our son's wedding and even gained enough confidence to join our children and their friends to celebrate on the dance floor and share our moves with one another. What wonderful memories we have! Jay has so much enthusiasm, creativity, and patience. He is able to teach each student according to their individual learning style. We enjoyed the six private lessons and group lessons so much we have continued with lessons and now dance three times per week. Jay has created a warm, friendly environment at Rochester Dance Lessons."

Beth Kirkpatrick

"My wife and I just finished our 4th private lesson. We originally intended to do the introductory 5 lessons just to prepare a little for several weddings we will be attending this year, but we are having so much fun together, not to mention it is decent exercise, that we will find a way to continue despite our busy summer schedule. The group lessons are also a lot of fun and add a lot of value. When you consider that for the cost of each lesson you actually get your private lesson plus access to two group lessons and a practice session, it's really a great bargain and as everyone else has said, Jay is a great guy and a great instructor. Highly recommended."


"WOW!! I started lessons with Jay a year ago. I love all forms of dance and wanted to learn ballroom. I discovered Jay through bidding on an auction item he submitted for lessons. I got it. I did not know what to expect but I have been pleased ever since. He is absolutely a joy to learn from. He is patient, positive and complimentary of all his students regardless of their age, dance level and proficiency. I am always amazed at his floor management of both small and large groups and his ability to make it enjoyable. He arguably has a vast knowledge of dance. It is a pleasure to take lessons from him."

Velma Campbell

"Jay Ruest is an exceptional dance instructor for all ages and levels of dance proficiency! My husband and I started taking group lessons from Jay as beginners just 6 weeks ago and we had such a great experience that dancing at his school has now become an important part of our lives. Jay's great personality, clear communication skills and talent in teaching dance steps to a large group by gradually building confidence levels creates a dancer out of everyone. His dance studio at 34 Elton Street is very inviting with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly people. We already feel like part of the family!"

Lisa Gates

"About six years ago my husband, Dave and I were looking for something new to do together that didn't involve sneakers. Dancing was the answer and Jay was the perfect fit for us. He has a wonderful personality and puts everyone at ease on the dance floor. We love our private lessons with Jay. He knows us very well and designs our lessons to match our abilities. We are able to try new steps that are challenging and just plain fun to do. Dave and I also attend group lessons, which is yet another opportunity for us to learn more. Jay is great at organizing trips or even a night out with people from the dance studio to give us opportunities to use what we learned. If you're thinking about learning how to dance, I would highly recommend Rochester Dance Lessons. I'm glad I did."

Colleen Densmore

"I was looking for a dance studio for my fiancée and I to learn a special dance. Jay returned my call immediately and we took the 30 minute introductory class. Hooked! We have had so much fun, not only with Jay and his amazing teaching, but also with the group lessons where we have met wonderful people to dance with each time. Jay is an extraordinary teacher who balances great skill with humor. We leave each session not only more accomplished but feeling like we have had a good workout! Give it a try!"

Pamela Flynn

"We started lessons with Jay before our son's wedding and now are hooked. He is a great teacher, a lot of fun, and very patient and supportive/inspiring. The studio is has a really nice atmosphere. The dancers (couples and singles) that we meet in group lessons are a great group of people. We are enjoying this much more than we ever thought we would! Can highly recommend."

Debora Houghtalen

"I have been taking lessons with Jay for over a year now. Before that I took lessons at a different dance studio. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the people there. Everyone was quite nice and made me and my husband feel comfortable. However after a while we got quite bored with what we were doing and wanted to try different dances and steps that we had seen and looked like a lot of fun. Every time we asked to do this we were told in a pleasant, roundabout way that we would have to buy more lessons to do that stuff. "That's not in your program" became a phrase we heard constantly. It became clear after a while that these people were out to make money. That is fine of course; a business is a business. But for the amount of money my husband and I were paying we were getting tired of being told "no." After leaving the studio and taking a bit of break, we met Jay and decided to try again. We could not be happier with the way things are going. Not only are the lessons a great deal more affordable, we also feel like are progressing so much faster. We are not restricted by franchise rules about what we can learn. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone who wants to learn how to dance."

"My wife and I took 5 lessons from Jay in order to prepare for our wedding. The song we chose was "Jump, Jive, and Wail." My wife brought her petite frame, I brought my large frame, and Jay gave us the rest. I was lifting my wife in the air, throwing her over my back, bouncing her off my hips, dragging her through my legs...we did things that you remember seeing in movies. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience. I would recommend to anyone getting married that they take lessons for their first dance. It made our Wedding even more special."

"I have been taking dance lessons with Jay for just under two years. My husband surprised me on Christmas with a gift certificate for dance lessons. After about a dozen lessons my husband decided that dancing just wasn't for him. By that point however, I was hooked on my new hobby. I had seen Jay dancing with several women before and after our sessions so I asked him if they were married or single. Turns out the majority were married! I guess that my husband wasn't the only one who didn't take to dancing, and that's ok. So now he has his hobby, I have mine, and I couldn't be happier!"

"My wife and I have taken about 10 lessons with Jay. We had taken a few group lessons a couple of years back and although we had some good laughs, a few too many came from my wife at my expense. We were sure that it was hopeless for us to ever become dancers, but because our daughter's wedding was approaching we decided to try again. A friend recommended Jay to us and we have been working on the swing. My wife still laughs at me and I still feel like a duck out of water, but Jay has assured me that I am improving. One evening we were with friends and feeling brave after a little wine I took my wife out on the dance floor for a swing. By the end of the evening our friends were referring to us as Fred and Ginger. When you're standing in a dance studio with noone but your wife and a professional dancer you can be a bit critical of yourself, but when you're out in the "real world" what you've learned from taking a few lessons is enough to impress your friends, yourself, and most importantly, your wife."

"I have been taking lessons with Jay for 18 months. When I was younger I was heavily involved in cheerleading. It was a wonderful experience that kept me challenged, physically fit, and happy. When I was in my late twenties I was looking for an activity that could offer the same benefits but also something that was different. I found ballroom dancing. Every lesson is as exciting as the last. I am learning every dance and am admittedly a "dance addict." It is so fun to watch shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and recognize the steps that they are learning and know that I can do them myself. I think that everyone who ever danced when they were a kid should try ballroom dancing. It is my new hobby and I love it!"

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