The waltz first became fashionable in Vienna around the 1780s, spreading to many other countries in the years to follow. The waltz, and especially its closed position, became the example for the creation of many other ballroom dances. Subsequently, new types of waltz have developed, including many folk and several ballroom dances. In the 19th century the word primarily indicated that the dance was a turning one; one would “waltz” in the polka to indicate rotating rather than going straight forward without turning. This is an excellent dance for beginners because it teaches you basic weight changes at a slow and comfortable pace.

Popular Songs

  • “Fascination” by Nat King Cole
  • “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones
  • “At This Moment” by Michael Buble


  • Box Step
  • Slow Underarm Turn
  • Promenade Hesitation
  • Reverse Box
  • Change Steps

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