The Salsa would have to be today’s new disco.  I mean this dance has taken off like only disco has.  You now have nightclubs, bars, and restaurants hosting nights dedicated to Latin music and dance.  Salsa is a dynamic and exciting dance that originated in Cuba and Puerto Rico.  Salsa music is a fusion of traditional African and Caribbean rhythms that was largely popularized by Puerto Ricans in New York City from the 1950’s onward. This is a dance that many people devote all of there time learning, and for good reason too.  There are endless combinations of steps to learn and with so many opportunities to use what you’ve learned you will quickly become quite practiced.

Popular Songs

  • “Vivir Mi Vida ” by Marc Antony
  • “Rumba Rumberos ” by Peter Rolls
  • “Salsa ” by Slumber Party Girls


  • Basic
  • Cross Body Lead
  • Underarm Turn
  • Face Loop
  • Back Spot Turn

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