Viennese Waltz

Traditionally, the name Viennese Waltz refers to a very specific musical genre: The relatively fast Waltzes of the the Romantic era in Vienna. The music is usually written in 6/8 time at a tempo of 29-30 measures per minute, although it is sometimes written as a fast 3/4 at 58-60 measures per minute. It is almost always instrumental, written for orchestras of varying sizes. The most well-known of all composers of Viennese Waltz music is Johann Strauss, responsible for such notorious works as the Blue Danube and Tales From the Vienna Woods.

Popular Songs

  • “Kissed By A Rose” by Seal
  • “February Song ” by Michael Buble
  • “Amas Veritas” by Practical Magic


  • Reverse Turn
  • Natural Turn
  • Chang Of Pace
  • Fleck Roll
  • Cross Over Hesitation

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