Private lessons are the core of all of our dance programs. Everyone has different goals and learning styles. At the beginning of each program, we will work together to set goals and then tailor your private lessons in order to achieve them. Each Private lesson is 45 minutes long and is scheduled by appointment with your instructor. It is typical to schedule 1-2 Private sessions per week depending upon how many dances you want to learn and how quickly you would like to excel at them. We can find a standing appointment that works with your schedule or change your lesson time each week. These one on one sessions are so much fun and I am sure they will quickly become your favorite part of learning how to dance.


  • Personalized attention
  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Fastest way to learn and progress
Young and senior couples getting dance lessons

Treat your loved one to a private lesson! Not only is it romantic, but moving together as one will bring you closer than
ever before!


Nervous about dancing in public? Private lessons take the edge off and allow you to really let loose and see what you’re made of!

Dance instructor with senior couple of woman and man

No need to impress anyone, focus on having fun and we’ll take care of the rest!



Group lessons are an excellent supplement to your dance program. They assist in so many ways in helping you achieve your goal of becoming a great dancer. It is also a great way to meet people and make new friends that share your interest. Group classes are currently held each Thursday Evening at 6:15pm and each Saturday Afternoon at 12:30pm. Each group lesson is 45 minutes long and we focus on one particular dance for six weeks at a time before switching it up. It doesn’t matter what dance we are learning so don’t be shy to join in. It’s a great way to try out a dance that you never thought about learning and it is truly the best way to develop your leading and following skills.


  • Invaluable leading/following experience of dancing with different partners
  • Learn to dance in a comfortable social setting
  • Introduction to many different dances
  • Learn the basic patterns and rhythms
Group of people dancing in dance class having fun

Explore the world of dance with others who share your passions and interests!


Be a part of a community, the Rochester Dance Lessons family, who encourage each other and help each other grow!!

Group of people dancing in dance class having fun

Have a clear image of where you want to be and improve your leading/following by
dancing with other partners on different levels.!


Practice makes perfect right! Let me try to make your practice time a little bit easier. Each Saturday at 1:15 the floor is yours to practice the new moves you just picked up in your private and group lessons. Don’t worry if you can’t quite remember what you were working on. An instructor is there to guide you through it. This is a great opportunity to hone your skills without the distractions of practicing at home.



Well that’s why we are here right? To Party! You are learning to dance because it is so much fun to cut loose at that nightclub or wedding. Band or DJ, it doesn’t matter, YOU ARE NOT SITTING OUT! The studio hosts several parties a year. Whether we stay at the studio to dance to all kinds of music or go out To a Latin club for the evening. These experiences are so much fun!

People dancing at the party abstract blur background with bokeh


Your first dance as husband and wife. What better way to make this special than by learning how to dance to that special song. In the 16 years that I have been teaching dance I have taught hundreds of couples how to prepare for this special moment. Check out our GETTING MARRIED page for everything you need to know about what we do for wedding couples. I guarantee this will be the most fun part of your wedding preparations.

Bride and Groom in Dance Wedding Couple Dancing Looking Each Other Face over White Background


Have an event coming up? Need a partner? Give us a call. Make that gala or night at the club one you won’t forget. Dance with a professional and show off your skills to all your friends. Another popular option is have an instructor teach a group of your friends at your house.

Couple Dancing

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