The Samba is one of the most popular forms of music in Brazil.  It is widely viewed as Brazils national musical style.  What draws people into learning the Samba is most definitely the music.  The drums heard in a Samba are deafening in an exciting way.  Samba has also been revered to as the Brazilian Waltz.  Rightfully so, many of the techniques in the American Waltz are spiced up to create one of the most interesting Latin Dances.  Samba is the only Latin dance that is supposed to move around the whole ballroom.

Popular Songs

  • “Shake Your Bon Bon ” by Ricki Martin
  • “Eso Beso ” by Gold Star
  • “Hey Soul Sister ” by Train


  • Caixo
  • Balencete
  • Outside Turn
  • Inside Turn
  • Reverse Box

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