Montreal Trip

Rochester Dance Lessons Takes Montreal

July 6th – 9th 2017

Let’s take our show on the road to the city of lights (sort of). We will spend 3 fun filled nights exploring the dance world that the old town has to offer.

*$799/per person

Price includes three nights hotel accommodations, parking, and cover charges for the 3 nightly dance events.

Dance Studio

Thursday, July 6th

Lets join our ballroom dance brethren and learn some moves the Canadian way. There are tons of dance studios out there just like us! We will enjoy a home away from home and keep things nice and relaxed after our long day of travel. Lets shoot to get the dancing in early so we can unwind with a nice meal and get some rest for some late nights out.

Latin Night

Friday, July 7th

I hope you got a nap in and are ready for a late night out. Montreal starts late and goes later. I have my eye on two different salsa clubs this evening. The first has a retro multi colored disco floor which is super awesome. The after party has the live band. The band does’t even start until midnight so pace yourself. Tonight i think would be a great night to dine on some fancier fare as well. There is no shortage of top rated restaurants in Montreal and i hope to pick a great one.

Montreal Swing Riot

Saturday, July 8th

A dance event that promotes lindy hop, good swingn’ jazz and the Montreal street culture. This is going to be a real treat. There are dance events all day starting at noon. Open dancing, live bands, dance competitions, and exhibitions. Great day to dress comfortable, swing like you mean it, and leave your last bit of energy on the floor. can’t wait!


Price is per person based on double occupancy with a queen bed. There is $30 surcharge per person for rooms with 2 twin beds. Price is based on current arrangements with hotel and these rates expire on December 15th. The first eight rooms with deposits are guaranteed. After that the price may and or hotel may change.

In order to secure our room rates a $400 non refundable deposit is due by December 15th.

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