Wedding Dance Lessons: what you need to know

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Whether you want an elaborate choreographed wedding dance or just a few steps so you look more natural, there are a few things to consider….

Band or DJ? Everyone loves a band but sometimes they change how fast or slow the song is played. You can have just your wedding song played through the bands sound system. Or some bands will even give you a sample of the song so you can practice to the actually speed. If neither of these are an option…no worries! Your teacher will have you practice your dance at different speeds so you are prepared for anything. If you have booked a DJ then just make sure to have the exact version of the song you will be using.

Shoes? Both future bride and groom should bring wedding shoes to lessons. Sneakers stick to the floor making it difficult to turn, sandals are also difficult to dance in so please avoid wearing these to lessons. If you have difficulty dancing in your shoes it is good to find out early. White ballroom shoes and men’s tux looking ballroom shoes are available if needed.

Size of your dance floor? If you know the dimensions of the dance floor at your venue this is important information to bring with you to your lesson. Many dance floors can be small and it is important to practice in a realistic space. Ballroom dance studios often have very large floors, your teacher can mark out a smaller space so you can be prepared .

Wedding dress issues? You never need to discuss details of your wedding dress in front of your future hubby. But, if your dress has anything that will inhibit movement that should be discussed. For example, off the shoulder sleeve may prevent you from being able to lift your arms.

When should you start taking lessons? That depends on many factors. What is your schedule like? Ideally taking one lesson a week. If you have vacations or holidays coming up taking that into consideration when scheduling. The average couple takes 10 lessons to prepare for their first dance. Couples that would like a more elaborate dance may need 6 month or more of lessons. Giving you and your fiancé extra time and lessons to perfect your dance will make your lessons a stress free and special time together.

Other dances to prepare for the wedding? Father daughter dance, mother son dance, choreographed wedding party entrance, wedding party flash mob. Options are endless but remember to plan ahead.

How to pick a dance studio? How many wedding couples does the studio teach per year? How much experience does your instructor have? Price and availability? Obviously I am a little biased, but I am very proud to work at Rochester Dance Lessons, one of the best wedding dance studios in the area. Both teachers have over ten years experience, we teach countless wedding couples every year, are open 7 days a week, and have some of the he most competitive rates in the area. If you don’t believe me then check out our reviews on google and Facebook.





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